Style Performance Turbo Module

RTC's commitment to support and improve JDA's MMS-i™ has once again lead to another fantastic module. In the past, managers working with several similar SKUs with corresponding item attributes were left with limited search results. Realizing the opportunity to improve workflow, RTC crafted the newest addition to our MMSxTend Application Suite. Designed for use with JDA's SKU Performance, this module provides additional search capability, metric visibility, and optimized usability between SKU and Style searching. Our SKU Performance Turbo Module enables merchants working with JDA's SKU Performance to better filter data and double-click to peer deeper into search screens. Rather than reach for additional resources, managers equipped with our SKU Performance Turbo Module will have the ability to click questionable areas and drill down further interrogating information they need. The new module even allows SKU Performance Metric Sorting capability and selections from the Style Performance Color/Size Grid.

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SKU Performance Turbo Module Brochure

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