Loss Prevention Analyzer

RTC's Loss Prevention Analyzer (LPA) provides an easy-to-use, browser based tool to help monitor and eliminate cashier theft through the use of "exception transactions".

This tool enables the monitoring of cashier activity by interrogating point-of-sale transaction logs and "red flagging" all transactions that could be associated with theft. LPA is part of RTC's MMSxTend Application Suite and is designed to be used in conjunction with JDA's MMS® Sales Audit. By utilizing the detail data captured in the sales audit process, the LPA database can be used to inquire and report on user refined "red flag" transactions at all levels within the company hierarchy. The point & click interface is extremely easy to use and learn. LPA is available at a very affordable price and can quickly provide a solid Return on Investment (ROI).

    System Features:
  • Concentration on Transaction Voids, Post Sale Voids, Line Item Voids, Returns, Discounts, Coupons, Price Overrides, Credit Cards, and Over/Shorts
  • Flexible Inquiry and Reporting Down to the Individual Cashier
  • Online Inquiry Capability
  • User Controlled Report Layouts with Ability to Save & Recall Report Formats
  • Same Value Transaction Reports
  • Credit Card Abuse Reports
  • Repeated Amount and Repeated Refunds Reports
  • Integrated Case Tracking Tool
  • E-mail from within LP Analyzer Reports
  • Ability to Automate Predefined Reports to Distribution List using iSeries Job Scheduler
  • Ability to Monitor "Floating Cashiers" who may work in Multiple Stores

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Learn how TSC Stores Canada used LP Analyzer to dramatically reduced their shrinkage dollars loss.

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