Plan-O-Guide Management Module

RTC's Plan-o-Guide Management Module for JDA's MMS® software takes your plan-o-grams to a new level of efficiency, profitability, and simplicity. This module is part of RTC's MMSxTend Application Suite and was created to perfectly coordinate the planning, replenishment and advertising departments. This solution facilitates the merging of store design efforts with category and space planning, enabling retailers the ability to maximize the position, performance, and layout of product categories to increase their sales per square foot.

    System Features:
  • Field tracking for elements such as: Plan-o-gram ID, Description, Status, Foot Width, Cumulative Sq. Foot, Assigned Area Categories, Number of SKU's and Stores Assigned and Effective Dates.
  • Plan-o-Guide set-up supports effective dates to facilitate promotional plan-o-guides.
  • Items are assigned to the Plan-o-Guides one at a time or by attribute selections.
  • Stores are assigned to Plan-o-Guides one at a time or by groups.
  • Stores assigned to a Plan-o-Guide can be copied to other Plan-o-Guides.
  • Items may be assigned to more than one Plan-o-Guide within a store.
  • Options allow copying all SKU assignments of one Plan-o-Guide to another. The copy process allows either replacing or appending the SKU line items.
  • Screen functions allow deletion of all SKU assignments to a selected Plan-o-Guide ID.
  • Plan-o-Guide setting instructions are automatically produced by store type.
  • File initializations can be accomplished through Excel spreadsheet downloads.
  • Database reporting allows flexible sort options.

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