StoreMobile Dashboard

Reduce your IT expenses while increasing the integrity and accuracy of your Point-of-Sale system and your network with StoreMobile Dashboard

RTC developers have designed a unique Point-of-Sale and network monitoring solution which enables you to view the health of your entire retail enterprise and take preventive actions to resolve issues before they become problems for your stores. StoreMobile Dashboard will immediately increase the integrity and accuracy of your POS data while improving the productivity and efficiencies within your entire retail chain environment. It provides your IT staff with the ability to monitor over 270 alerts and provides color coded views of your entire POS system and network allowing you to pinpoint system problems anywhere in your enterprise, from a single remote location.

Dashboard indicators are presented in Green when acceptable, Yellow if within a defined cautionary range, and Red if within a high alert range. Gauges are extremely easy to use and can monitor a wealth of different areas that could directly affect your stores.

    Sample Alerts Monitored:
  • Errors, disk space, free memory
  • Device Drivers - Errors loading
  • Credit status
  • Register status
  • Service status
  • Unauthorized application logins
  • Unauthorized OS logins
  • Software Version Controls
  • Health Checks
  • Point of Sale Drivers
  • Scanners
  • Printers
  • Pin Pads
  • Customer Displays
  • OS Errors
  • Server reboots
  • Price Changes
  • Event Activation
  • TLog Processing
  • Remote File Maintenance Monitoring
  • Corporate Network Health Check
  • Store System Network Health Check
  • Log Server downtime

StoreMobile Point-of-Sale Brochure

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