Software Partners

Retail Technologies Corporation has several mutually beneficial relationship with industry leading software and hardware providers. The relationship encompasses the collaboration of sales and marketing efforts to supply a wide range of business solutions to the customer. This shared commitment provides solutions and services to the customer to increase productivity, reduce costs, and help retailers become more competitive in the marketplace by encompassing products, applications, systems integration, and best practices.

IBM is an American multinational technology and consulting firm headquartered in Armonk, New York. IBM manufactures and sells computer hardware and software, and it offers infrastructure, hosting and consulting services in areas ranging from mainframe computers to nanotechnology.
Microsoft Corporation is an American public multinational corporation headquartered in Redmond, Washington, USA that develops, manufactures, licenses, and supports a wide range of products and services predominantly related to computing through its various product divisions.
BSQUARE helps smart device makers worldwide bring high-quality products to market faster and less expensively. With our extensive engineering and licensing expertise, innovative software solutions and automated test tools, we can help you cost-effectively create smart devices customized to your specific requirements.