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Meet "The MD of Retail IT"

Introducing Dr. Return on Investment, better known as Dr. ROI the MD of Retail IT. This new brand and tagline serve as the focal point for our strategy. Our focus is to leverage the best attributes of "getting retail IT systems healthy", "staying healthy", "staying strong", "cost effective", and delivering proven ROI. By closely aligning our brand with these elements, we can help retailers better and more effectively understand who RTC is and what value we can provide to their business.

Our approach remains the same, to always develop a strong partnership with the customer and gain a clear understanding of their business processes and unique aspects of their environment. Our solutions are engineered with the goal of keeping the cost of ownership down by minimizing expensive code customization.

At Retail Technologies Corporation (RTC), our focus is not to be the biggest, but to be the best software & services provider in the retail industry, with a sharp focus on providing the best customer satisfaction and a delivering consistent ROI.

We are the MD of Retail IT.