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Advanced Replenishment Case Study

6 Month Analysis

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In 2015, D&B Supply Company, Inc. a farm supply chain headquarters in Caldwell Idaho, rolled out RTC's Advanced Replenishment & Allocation (ARA) chain wide. Jennifer Harris, D&B Purchasing Systems Analyst and key user of ARA, was recently asked to provide an analysis of the solution and the impact the new features were allowing the organization. Even though the solution has only been deployed for a few months, the benefits are already being felt throughout the chain.

    Key Benefits:
  • Increased Accuracy
  • Increases in Stock Availability
  • Decrease Manual Effort to Manage Replenishment
    Increased Accuracy of Replenishment Functions:
  1. "Since we deployed ARA, our replenishment accuracy has increased significantly with individual items now replenishing automatically based on item historical data. Moreover, like many chain retailers, our old system struggled to manage item irregularities due to environmental factors, consequently certain items that sell at a higher rate at one location over another were a challenge to replenish accurately. With ARA, the replenishment system now recognizes those items and is able to make sure merchandise is where it needs to be at the peak of demand. Result: Less out of stock "sales" situations lead to higher customer satisfaction and increased sales."
    Decreased Manual Effort to Manage Replenishment System:
  1. "Prior to rolling out Advanced Replenishment & Allocation (ARA), D&B managed replenishment by entering min/max's for every SKU, and every location. This was a tedious and labor intensive effort that had to be maintained manually to stay on top of trends. Since we installed ARA, min/max levels can now be managed at a global level and automatically maintained every week. There are still a few tweaks here and there we still need to maintain, but, I would say that the manual effort has been decreased significantly."
    RTC Consulting & Implementation:
  1. "The RTC Consulting team was great to work with throughout the implementation process. As former retailers and MMS experts, the RTC team understood the struggles we faced and were able to suggest well thought-out, practical fixes to any and all issues. They designed a strategic implementation and communications plan that included weekly calls to keep the team well informed on schedule and on budget."
  1. "Overall, I have been very happy with RTC's Advanced Replenishment and Allocation Module; however, we still have some "tweaking" to do. To get the system tuned just right will take a little time. That said, we have seen significant improvements over our old system, especially as it relates to managing automatic generated orders and profile by SKU by store. Having ARA in place and "managing" the inventory granularly definitely increases our system accuracy and integrity. Additionally, ARA "smooths out" the occasional "spike demand" as the system accounts for those sales transaction anomalies automatically. Although we are still in the early phases of using ARA, we definitely feel we picked the right application to solve our replenishment and allocation legacy issues."
    Why Advanced Replenishment & Allocation is Right for Your Organization?
  1. "RTC's Advanced Replenishment & Allocation (ARA) is proven to help retailers increase the accuracy of their replenishment system and better manage their overall inventory. ARA is part of RTC's MMSxTend suite of applications which are perfectly integrated with JDA MMS and designed to offer a cost effective value add solution for retailers looking for an extensive set of features and capabilities, at a great price."
    Why RTC Group?
  1. "For over 26 years, we have been providing products and services that help retailers improve their business results and keep their systems healthy. Our focus has always been to provide cost effective proven solutions that deliver superior ROI for our clients. Just like the ever changing retail marketplace, our advanced product suites continuously evolve, offering new tools and services that provide our customers with the prescription for continued growth."

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