2007 - Another Fantastic Year for RTC

2007 was another outstanding year for RTC. We nearly doubled our revenue for the 2nd consecutive year and have increased our staff to 35 strong. We are very excited about the accomplishments we achieved both internally and for our customer partners. We extend our thanks to all our customers who have contributed to our continued growth.

After quickly outgrowing our Orlando office space we moved into an office that quadruples our space and is built on 1.5 acres of land. This move will help facilitate future growth. We also added additional resources and made some significant promotions that are consistent with RTC's growth and increased skill level.

In addition to moving into a new office in Orlando, we also partnered with Time Warner cable in Orlando who provides data center services in their facility just up the street from our office. This data center is a key hub for communications within the Orlando area and provides RTC with a very secure, SOX compliant, facility in which to house our technology.

RTC added a number of new customer partners to our growing list of clients. These include two Canadian retailers, TSC Stores Canada and Peavey Industries. We also added new domestic clients including Urban Brands, Centinela Feed, Family Christian Stores, and Specialty Sports while expanding our relationships with several existing customers.