MMSxTend Application Suite Released

RTC is proud to announce all of our JDA® MMS® Modules integrated beautifully into the new MMSxTend Application Suite. We have pooled years of commitment and genius into one bundled software suite. MMSxTend Application Suite includes our Mobile Wireless Solution, Loss Prevention Analyzer, Dashboard Management Solution, Plan-o-Guide Management Solution, and the all new SKU Performance Turbo Module and Style Performance Turbo Module.

For the past 16 years, RTC has been improving business efficiencies for MMS users. Several years ago, RTC made the commitment to MMS customers to provide increased functionality, overall effectiveness, and continued return on their MMS investments. The momentum gathered from that commitment has lead to the creation of our MMSxTend Application Suite. This integrated application suite for MMS customers is further proof that RTC is sincere about their commitments.

Never before has a complete suite of enhancement modules been offered to JDA MMS customers by RTC. While you may recognize that some of the modules within the suite have been offered by RTC as standalone applications in the past, only now have they been seamlessly integrated into a suite that will enable you to maximize efficiency, increase accuracy, and boost ROI. The Application Suite contains our widely popular Mobile Wireless Solution and Loss Prevention Analyzer modules, along with the Plan-O-Guide Management Module and Dashboard Management Module. The MMSxTend Application Suite also features RTC's newest developments, SKU Performance Turbo and Style Performance Turbo, to significantly improve user efficiency with JDA's SKU Performance and Style Performance modules. Our new modules dramatically improve the ease of searching within JDA's SKU Performance and Style Performance applications by enhancing search screen drilling capabilities, column sorting, hot-key functions, real-time chain-level on hand information, and much more. "While continuing to bring new and exciting modules to the market, RTC is constantly extending JDA's MMS-I solution and helping to solidify JDA's commitment with MMS to the retail business world," adds Jeff Cook, Director of JDA Partnership and Products.

"With all of these applications working seamlessly as a part of JDA's Merchandise Management System, all users are going to love what they're able to do," boasts DeVan McArthur, Executive Vice President, Consulting Services. He adds, "The addition of SKU and Style Performance Turbo Modules will pull a big 'Oh Yeah' from the mouths of the merchants."

RTC's customers are not the only ones that will notice a healthier ROI due to the MMSxTend Application Suite. By having the best MMS value-add Software Company on their team working non-stop to maximize efficiency, JDA has added another line to their already impressive resume and another reason to build a solid base with MMS. Bruce Hicks, President and Chief Executive Officer of RTC, appreciates how this will improve JDA's MMS. He explains, "JDA has built a rock solid base that allows us to build a fully integrated and totally customizable framework. When someone brings in JDA's MMS and our MMSxTend Application Suite they're solving the issues of tomorrow before they become issues."

One of RTC's main priorities is to focus on implementation, customization, and integration of projects for JDA's Merchandising Management System. This commitment to giving customers the most efficient workplace possible becomes even more apparent with this release.

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