Thanks to all of our Customers!

2006 was a tremendous year for RTC. We gained many new customers in all phases of our business, established a few additional strategic partnerships, invested in our infrastructure and, most importantly, added some very talented retail savvy resources to the RTC team. "Our long term strategy of establishing partnerships with our customers and ensuring a high degree of customer satisfaction in all our interactions is beginning to pay off," says RTC President/CEO Bruce Hicks. "RTC continues to build a strong reputation in the market place as quality software and services provider that treats their customer's business as if it our own," adds Hicks.

We know it sounds cliche when we say it, but unlike other companies in our industry who will provide you with a short list of customer references who they know will speak highly of their company, RTC continues to tell new prospects that we will provide you with a list of all companies that RTC has done business with. Our customer satisfaction rate is that high!

A couple of our key investments in 2006 included the hiring of Jeff Cook, formerly of WestPoint Home, as the Director of our JDA Partnership and Karen Wilson, formerly of Universal Studios, as our Director of ASP Operations. "These two individuals will be managing two very strategic areas of our business as we move into 2007 and continue on our growth path," stated Hicks. We are all looking forward to our continued growth in 2007. Thanks to all our customers and RTC resources for making 2006 our best year ever!