RTC and Quaterion Solutions Announce Merger to offer Comprehensive Build Your Own Cloud "Cloud 9 Services" for JDA MMS Users

Orlando, FL. & Phoenix, AZ. August 29, 2012 - Retail Technologies Corporation (RTC), recognized as the "MD of Retail IT", is a market leader in collaborating with retailers to "engineer" business systems solutions, has agreed to merge with Quaterion Solutions, the largest independent consulting company that specializes in store systems products licensed by JDA Software Group®. The combination of RTC's retail experience and JDA MMS expertise, and Quaterion's comprehensive JDA and WinDSS capabilities; provides MMS retailers with an organization focused on enhancing their current environments and meeting their demands today, while developing bridges to the feature rich solutions of tomorrow.

Both RTC and Quaterion have strong records of collaboration and through this newly formed go-tomarket relationship, the two companies will partner to strengthen and expedite our combined offerings and on our Cloud 9 "Build Your Own Cloud" offering - to be announced later this year.

"By leveraging our combined retail and POS expertise, RTC Quaterion Group can focus on "The Mobile Revolution". The future of "Big Iron" POS systems are numbered. Technology that empowers sales associates to service their customers without consideration to the physical location of the product is what retailers need to compete. Goods can be purchased anywhere, anytime and delivered wherever and whenever the consumer wants it," says Bruce Hicks RTC President & CEO. "RTC Quaterion Group is born out of the idea that MMS retailers have a dilemma: Systems Revolution or Systems Evolution. Our "Build Your Own Cloud" campaign provides a solution whereby retailers evolve their systems and hardware to "Real-time Mobile Anywhere Anytime" functionality in their current MMS environment. From Mobile POS, e-Commerce, Real-time Inventory Management to Customer Order Fulfillment - our "Build Your Own Cloud" strategy is the answer retailers are searching for.

"We look forward to presenting one vision to our clients," says Bill Clark, Managing Partner of Quaterion Solutions. "By leveraging the expertise from RTC and Quaterion, we feel that we can provide the collective client base and potential new clients the best in service and products to help them reach their goals. It has always been the models of both companies to not just provide consulting services, but to offer products and solutions that will help the retailer get the most out of their retail investments. We feel that the new RTC Quaterion Group will take this to the next level."

The combined company (RTC Quaterion Group) will support the solutions of both companies going forward and will continue to invest significantly to enhance those solutions. As a result, customers will enjoy powerful new capabilities from the combined portfolios of products and services offered by RTC and Quaterion. In addition, customers will benefit from combined retail experience and JDA MMS knowledge base including WinDSS, and IDEAS.

About RTC: Founded in 1989, RTC is a leading developer of innovative, cost effective store solutions that keep retailer's IT systems healthy and functioning at the most efficient levels. Headquartered in Orlando, FL with a data center in Kennesaw, GA and technical sales offices around the country, RTC is considered the industry's "MD of Retail IT", with their ability to help retailers gain a competitive advantage by offering store solutions that increase operating efficiencies, control costs and increase customer loyalty. RTC offers industry leading consulting services in addition to several enhancement modules to JDA's Merchandise Management System (MMS) with their MMSxTend Application Suite.

About Quaterion Solutions: Founded in 2005, the Quaterion team has the background and experience to provide a wide range of consulting services including: project management, business and functional assistance, technical consulting, implementation support, training, application and interface customization. We also specialize in the area of payment processing by having relationships with most of the providers in the industry. While our core expertise is with JDA® retail systems products, we focus on filling the gaps with unique solutions that are robust enough to support the largest of clients, yet flexible enough to handle varied requirements. Our goal is to provide a solution that can be scaled, where the core platform can be augmented with other modules to further the return on the initial investment.

For information on products and solutions or to learn more about RTC Quaterion Group, please visit

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