Issue 7 Summer / Fall 2014

Thoughts from the Boss!

The key to a successful mobile device within a store going forward is operational flexibility. While it is already a given that any successful mobile device within a store must be extremely durable, to date, there has not been a device that can claim the title of being a "chameleon" within the store. The mobile device of the future must be able to run both the front check out portion of the store with the same effectiveness as it can perform back of the store functions like inventory receiving, ticket printing, and physical inventories. Read More

Reach out to Lee Williams at 800 993-3944 to get the scoop on the Tablet Gun


Things Remembered Masters Successful JDA Merchandise Management System Upgrade

Upgrading to newer versions of JDA's Merchandise Management System can be a challenging and expensive proposition. That is why Things Remembered selected RTC Group to help them with the version selections and integration process. Things Remembered, the nation's largest and most prominent retailer of personalized gifts, began considering an upgrade from version 4R3 to 7.5 in late 2012. An upgrade was needed to address the need for multi company processing or multi currency processing. Read More

StoreMobile Tablet Gun is the Answer to the MPOS Dilemma

The interest in Mobile POS or MPOS is on the rise as retailers look to implement Omni Channel strategies, and with good reason. Today's consumers are accustomed to mobile phones, tablets and multiple touch points beyond traditional POS. The days of "BIG Iron" and long cash wraps, are numbered in many retail segments. Legacy POS devices are expensive and are ineffective on the Sales floor for POS while consumer devices lack durability and hardware integration. Retailers are forced to look for flexible mobile solutions that are able to adapt to their changing business needs.

StoreMobile's Tablet Gun provides the ultimate flexibility in store systems hardware. Coined the "Chameleon in the store", meaning it can cross a variety of operational needs in a retail environment. It can run as a POS workstation, it can run as an inventory workstation. Read More


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About RTC: Founded in 1989, RTC is a leading developer of innovative, cost effective store solutions that keep retailer's IT systems healthy and functioning at the most efficient levels. Headquartered in Orlando, FL with a data center in Kennesaw, GA and technical sales offices around the country, RTC is considered the industry's "MD of Retail IT", with their ability to help retailers gain a competitive advantage by offering store solutions that increase operating efficiencies, control costs and increase customer loyalty. RTC offers industry leading consulting services in addition to several enhancement modules to JDA's Merchandise Management System (MMS) with their MMSxTend Application Suite.

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